New handbag trends lead to wheels

chanel oversized bagThe Chanel 2.55 Jumbo Bag, Hermes travel Birkin, Dior Gaucho messenger bag, Yves Saint Laurent Large Downtown bag, Balenciaga Office bag, YSL Muse are just some of the latest designer handbags that are seriously big and when filled with phones, ipods, drinks, make up and all of the other essentials are really heavy. There definitely seems to be a growing trend for big, heavy hand or shoulder bags.

In 2008, UK Supermarket chain ASDA carried out a survey which found that the average weight of a woman’s handbag has increased by 38% in the last five years to 2.37 kilos. In some cases though the weight of a woman’s handbag can be likened to the weight carried by a Hod Carrier!

Small celebrities including Kylie and Ashley Olsen are often spotted carrying huge bags but with doctors and chiropractors warning of the damage that can be caused by heavy bags, consumers are looking for new and less dangerous ways to carry around their possessions in style.

The current trend for oversized handbags could be caused by the need to carry more around or perhaps having a large scale bag makes the carrier look small and delicate in comparison. What ever the reason, ladies are reluctant to give up their oversized and heavy bags and want a solution that doesn’t compromise their style or health.

The perfect solution is a designer, quality and fashionable hand bag on wheels. Until now ergonomic handbags that are comfortable to carry have been viewed as unfashionable and unsightly. The latest handbag on wheels by Tiffany Anisette gives the best of both worlds a stylish handbag that fits in everything from laptop to makeup and can be transported with out damage to the elbow, back, neck or shoulder.

The Tiffany Anisette Collection helps keep women of all ages and cultures, stylish and healthy as they keep up with the latest fashion trends. It is available online at

Picture  – Kate Moss with Chanel bag from


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