The multi tasking bag

handbag on wheels

Have you ever wished that you could have a gorgeous designer handbag that would fit everything you could possibly need into it? Day to day essentials like makeup, a lap top, every thing you need for a weekend away and baby and nappy changing stuff. As women’s lives become busier and they take on more roles, so their handbags need to perform so many different roles. They are used to carry so many different items.

multi tasking bag
We expect so much of our handbags these days not only do we want them to be stylish, versatile, and roomy but we also want to be able to fill them with lots of heavy items and easily move them from place to place.

Investing in one great bag that can perform these many different roles allows you to get real value for money and also a bag that allows you to carry all of these items stylishly without straining, injuring or damaging your back, neck, shoulders or joints.

Tiffany Anisette

Tiffany Anisette is a lady who knows plenty about multi tasking. She is a professional Massage Therapist, motivational speaker, president and owner of the Tiffany Anisette collection. Her range of stylish and functional bags were inspired by her massage work and clients who suffered discomfort caused by carrying heavy handbags filled with all of the essentials needed for their hectic lives.

Products from the Tiffany Anisette Collection are available to purchase online at and through department stores and boutiques throughout the U.S.


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