Handbags – How to choose the perfect investment buy

Choosing a new handbag is an important decision. It is something that you will no doubt carry with you just about every where and can involve a significant cost. A quality handbag will last for many years (as long as you look after it) and so it is well worth choosing carefully. The right stylish handbag will not only finish off your outfits but also be a key feature of many of your outfits making it a very worthwhile investment.

The type of handbag that you choose will depend very much on your own personal preferences including your life style and style of dressing but here are a few things to consider when making your decision.

Quality – Leather is usually the best choice for a quality handbag that looks good and will last well. To assess the quality of a handbag look at the leather quality, the stitching, interior (lining), hardware and detailing.

Colour and style – when choosing the colour and style of your handbag decide whether you are looking for a subtle handbag to compliment your outfit or a handbag that really makes a statement in its own right. A brown or black handbag leather is a great versatile colour that will go with almost anything but if you always wear black a red or pink handbag will brighten up any outfit.

Size – you will need just the right size of handbag for your needs. Too small and you will need to inconvenience yourself by leaving essentials at home or carrying two bags. Too big and you may find it difficult and cumbersome to carry around.

Compartments – you will also want to check how many internal compartments and pockets a handbag has. These are great for keeping yourself organised and storing smaller items like keys so that they are easy to find.

Flexibility – A handbag that can be used for lots of different purposes is the ideal way to cut down on the number of bags that you carry. If you regularly need a laptop for work then consider a laptop handbag that will also fit your laptop in. If you have a baby, a slightly larger handbag will double up as a designer baby changing bag. If you regularly stay away overnight, why not get a handbag that can also be used as a weekender bag? A really flexible handbag will be ideal for all of these uses and more.

How you will carry it – As most of us carry quite a lot in our handbags making them heavy, it is important to consider how you will carry your handbag comfortably.  A shoulder strap is the most popular but for a heavy handbag can be uncomfortable and potentially damaging.

By choosing a handbag that you can adapt for most occasions in terms of style and uses, you not only save time having to empty you belongings from on handbag to another each day but you also save money in just buying one quality handbag.

The Tiffany Anisette collection  B.A.G (business active girl) is the perfect multi tasking handbag.  It is a luxurious designer handbag that is big enough to carry what ever you need, suitable for multipurposes and can be carried over the shoulder or pulled on wheels. It is available in a choice of colours to suit your style.


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