Handbags – How Do You Carry Yours?

There are so many different handbags that you can use to carry just about anything from just a few essentials to a laptop and other gadgets. How you carry your handbag has important implications to both your comfort and health. We look at the most fashionable ways to carry handbags.

In the hand – this is the easiest and most secure way to carry a small hand bag or clutch. For a larger handbag, it is likely to be uncomfortable as you may lean to the side to keep the bag off the ground.

Over the forearm or  elbow – this is probably one of the most fashionable ways to carry a handbag especially the supersized handbags like the Hermes Kelly or Birkin. The term ‘Birkin Elbow’ has been coined by designer handbag carriers for the injury caused by carrying a heavy bag in this way.

Over the shoulder – this is an easy and comfortable way to carry a bag as long as the shoulder strap is the right length and the bag is not too heavy. Doctors recommend that you should not carry a bag that is more than 10% of your body weight.  

Across the body – again a comfortable way to carry a reasonably light bag. A heavy bag carried in this way will put stress on your shoulder and neck.

Back pack – not the most fashionable way to carry a handbag. This is however a better way to carry a heavy handbag than many of the methods. The problem with backpacks is that they are inconvenient when you want to sit down or access the contents and a potential target for pickpockets.

On Wheels – this is really the only stylish, practical and comfortable way to carry (or transport) a heavy handbag. It helps to avoid shoulder, neck, joint and back pain and even headaches from the imbalance caused by carrying a heavy bag.

There is no right or wrong way to carry your handbag, but if your handbag is heavy, you should be wary of how you carry it as the prolonged stress or carrying it the same way continuosly can lead to pain and injury. The ideal solution for everyday use is a handbag that can be carried in a variety of different ways depending on how much it contains and how heavy it is.

The B.A.G.-The Business Active Girl is a newly patent pending luxurious wheeled handbag that can be used for a variety of purposes and helps to avoid the strain on the back, shoulders, neck and joints that can be caused by carrying a heavy handbag. The collection includes the black handbag leather , red laptop bag and a range of laptop handbags and is available from www.tiffanyanisette.com

picture from http://www.zaccatalog.com/celebrity-handbags/


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