The Laptop Handbag

If you need to carry your laptop around with you for work (or leisure), then you will want to be able to carry it with the least effort and maximum style. But carrying a laptop along with all of your other belongings, paperwork and a handbag as well can make you a little laiden down – not the most stylish of looks.

The latest way to carry just about everything that you will need for a day at work whether you work in an office or travel from place to place is the Laptop Handbag. It is a combination of both a laptop bag and handbag, so you only have one bag to carry. It is roomy with lots of pockets and compartments to allow you to organise your personal possessions and work essentials in one place.  Most importantly, it is as stylish as a designer handbag but with the space of a laptop bag.

Creating the right image at work is important, as are first impressions when meeting customers and clients. Your clothes and accessories should project  a professional image. Everything you wear and carry will contribute to this image. Being organised and not been laden down with bags will allow you to appear (and be) confident and capable.

The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G is a luxurious and stylish designer laptop handbag. It has wheels for easy transportation and to prevent the stress and injury that can be caused by carrying heavy handbags or laptop bags. It is available from


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