Is Your Handbag Damaging Your Health?

Heavy handbags are a growing problem. This video report shows just how carrying a heavy handbag can effect your health and suggests ways that you can reduce the impacts of carrying a heavy bag.

If you are feeling the effects of carrying a heavy handbag, try the following:

Switch the side on which you carry the bag

try carrying a back pack or across the body bag

Reduce the amount that you carry and the weight of your handbag.

Use a handbag on wheels with an extendable handle, that allows you to pull rather than carry the bag.

The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G (Business Active Girl) is the ideal handbag . It allows you to carry as much as you like without compromising your health or style. Its unique patented design allows you to pull it along on inline skates if it is too heavy to carry. The black handbag in leather is ideal for a versatile everyday bag that goes with most outfits and also makes a great laptop handbag.


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