Making Life Easier for the Multi-tasking Woman!!!!

In today’s world, women wear many hats.  We care for our children, our husbands or significant others, our jobs, and social lives.  Whether we admit it or not, sometimes life can become overwhelming or down right unbearable.  So I have thought about it over the years and finally I decided to use the knowledge that God has given me to share with other women.  And before I knew it, the Tiffany Anisette B.A.G. was born.  It was the beginning of something new considering I was a Professional Massage Therapist. 

My goal with the B.A.G. is to give women something to make their lives simplier.  On a day to day basis we carry so many things with us.  Ladies you must agree sometimes we can’t find a big enough purse, luggage, handbag, or carry on bag to put everything in.  And to top it all off we have got to make sure that everything is color coordinated and fashionable.  Well I have the answer to at least one of life’s dilemmas.  Fashion, convenience, roomy, and it won’t weigh you down because it has wheels.

Now days our health is vital since we are the backbones to the family.  This awesome creation is a must have for your life.  So take a close and open-minded look at my website  You won’t be sorry!!!!!



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