The Tiffany Anisette laptop handbag receives US Patent

laptop handbag on wheels

The design of the Tiffany Anisette B.A.G (Business Active Girl), a laptop handbag, has recently received a patent from the U.S patent office on its revolutionary design. The B.A.G looks like a handbag but is big enough to comfortably fit a laptop. It also has wheels allowing it to be easily transported without damage or strain to the back, neck or shoulders.

The bag’s stylish design make it ideal for those who want to combine comfort, practicality and style. It was conceived when Professional massage therapist Tiffany Ansiette discovered that many of her clients were suffering from pain caused by the heavy bags that they carried. The B.A.G has the functionality of a traditional laptop bag combined with the features of a designer handbag including top quality leather, a range of attractive colours and eye-catching hardware. The B.A.G is incredibly versatile and can also be used for a number of other uses including as a weekender bag, oversized handbag or baby changing bag.

The newly issued patent shows that the B.A.G is a unique design that is only available from Tiffany Anisette and her stockists. Buy yours at


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