The handbag industry has changed with the arrival of Tiffany Anisette, a collection of innovative handbags that is stylish, functional, and promotes good health. Inspired by a young, professional Massage Therapist, Tiffany Anisette White, president and owner, the Collection was created to help women suffering from neck, back, and shoulder injuries due to frequently carrying heavy bags.

A multiple purpose accessory, it will be able to become a Handbag, Laptop bag, Weekender Bag, or Baby Bag, while reducing injuries to women and adding sophistication to their wardrobe. This sleek beautiful bag is designed to change the way women carry handbags. The Tiffany Anisette Collection will help keep women of all ages and cultures, stylish and healthy as they keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Products from the Tiffany Anisette Collection will be purchased in department stores and boutiques throughout the U.S. The Company will serve women who desire to carry a stress free bag designed to fit their personality and style.


One thought on “About

  1. Takiya Smith says:

    As the owner of multiple business, one of which caters to the fashion industry and another to labor and service, I was ecstatic and in awe of the class, function and stylish cantor of this bag! It’s perfect for the everyday business woman, allowing mobility and ease while supporting my laptop, files, printer and miscellaneous documents as well al stylish enough to match my career saavy dress and hold all the contents of my personals such as make-up, wallet and any other items necessary during any travels. I love the fact that I can opt to “wheel” it around as a professional or sling it over my shoulder as an everyday handbag as well. This is fast becoming the girls “It” bag must have!

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