The B.A.G

The B.A.G., a part of the Tiffany Anisette collection originally launched in the U.S., is set to take off internationally. This stylish laptop bag on wheels compliments the business wardrobe of any professional woman. Whether you are in China, France or the U.S. , this innovative bag promises to fulfill the needs of the Business Active Girl (B.A.G). It is definitely a business travel essential and whether you are just going to work or traveling overnight for business, you will find this bag to be extremely versatile. With compartments for laptops, cell phones, and every working woman’s must haves, this bag can easily be transported without causing neck, back or shoulder strain.

Business Travel Essentials

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Business travel is an essential part of so many of our lives. It is often vital that you arrive at the location looking fresh and professional but travelling can be hard work and you often turn up feeling exhausted. Here are some essentials to help you arrive feeling stylish and stay that way through out your stay.

  • Pack a combination of clothes in neutral colours these will be the most versatile and easy to mix and match as you need.
  • Take a slightly more casual pair of trousers or a skirt to wear in the evening if appropriate.
  • Wear a really comfortable pair of shoes for travelling and take a pair with a slightly higher heel to change into once you arrive.
  • Choose clothes that so not crease easily. Wool mix is usually a good choice or a wool crepe.
  • Take a selection of cotton blouses in different colours and patterns plus some accessories so that you can create different outfits for each day of your stay.
  • Take a pair of more casual trousers or a skirt for the evening if appropriate.
  • Choose a really comfortable pair of flat shoes for traveling and take a second pair with a slightly higher heel to change into  when you arrive.
  • Invest in miniature versions of your favourite cosmetics or decant some into smaller bottles.
  • Take something with you that makes you feel at home. Perhaps a scented candle or some photographs.
  • Drink plenty of water and if possible take the opportunity to relax whilst travelling with a good book or magazine.
  • Don’t strain your back or shoulders by carrying a  heavy bag. You can pack everything that you need for a short trip in wheeled bag which you can carry on the plane. If you need to take a laptop with you invest in a stylish laptop handbag on wheels.

The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G (Business Active Girl) is a large and stylish multi purpose leather handbag on wheels. It is perfect for the business traveller who wants to arrive looking stylish and without the aches and strains caused by carrying a heavy bag. For further information visit

Tiffany Anisette in the press

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Last week Tiffany Anisette and her newly patented B.A.G appeared in an article in The Examiner. Here is a taster from the article entitled ‘Local designer Tiffany Anisette hits the road with her new patent for a luxury laptop handbag’

The B.A.G. looks like a handbag but is large enough to comfortably fit up to a 17 inch laptop, and has wheels and an extendable handle allowing it to be easily transported without damage or strain to the back, neck or shoulders.

“In today’s world, women wear many hats. We care for our children, our husbands, our jobs, and our social lives. Whether we admit it or not, sometimes life can become overwhelming,” said Anisette, a wife and mother of two boys.

You can read the full article here

For further information or to buy the Tiffany Anisette B.A.G visit

10 Style Tips for Professional Women

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1. Follow the dress codes – there will probably be some written and unwritten dress codes at your place of work but this does not mean that you should look boring or like a clone.

2. Opt for classic style over the latest high fashions – not only will classic styles last longer, they won’t go out of fashion and tend to look more professional (unless perhaps you work in the fashion industry!)

3. Invest in key pieces – well fitting jackets and suits, a versatile quality leather handbag – they will be well worth the money in the long run.

4. Fit is everything – If you can’t find clothes that fit you perfectly, then get them professionally altered. Your clothes should look like they were made especially for you.

5. Consider carefully which colours you wear – Whilst some professions or firms will require that dark suits are worn, others will be more open to brighter or more colourful outfits. Choose colours that really complement your hair colour and skin tone. If you are limited to wearing dark colours, consider grey, navy, beige or brown, all of which will be less draining for your complexion than black.

6. Never wear low cut tops or short skirts – only you will know what is really appropriate for your role and place of work. As a general rule professional dress does not incluse short skirts or low cut tops and for some places sleeveless tops or dresses. They are unlikely to create the right impression and will only divert attention from the great work that you are doing.

7. Always wear comfortable and practical clothes – if you cannot easily walk in your shoes, then you will not appear confident and in control. A skirt that is too tight will also distract you from the work that you are doing. It is really important that you are comfortable as looking stylish is partly about how you stand, hold yourself and feel.

8. Pay attention to detail – everything right down to the handbag or laptop bag that you carry and the jewellery that you wear will contribute to how you look. Clean shoes and nails, well pressed clothes, neat hair and just the right amount of makeup (and perfume) are all important details that people WILL notice.

9. Get Organised – If you are busy, being organised is the key to looking stylish. Have a capsule wardrobe so that you can quickly decide on what to wear in the morning. Have routines which ensure that you always have clean pressed clothes and time to do your hair and makeup. A stylish and well organised handbag or work bag will also help to projects the image of a professional who is in control.

10. Pay attention to the whole package – looking stylish is not just about what you wear on the outside. It is also about confidence. If you feel confident in the clothes that you are wearing, then you will instantly look more stylish. Make time to relax and look after your health, it will really show.

Even with all of these things to consider, it is still possible to show a little of your personality in the clothes that you wear for work. Find some clothes and accessories that really work for you and your work.

The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G (Business Active Girl) is a stylish multitasking leather handbag with wheels. It is big enough to carry a laptop, paperwork or files and has wheels and a handle so that it can easily be transported without damage or strain to the back, shoulders, neck and joints. An ideal choice for professional women who do not want to compromise on style or their health.

The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G is available from

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A stylish wheeled litigation bag for women lawyers

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For female lawyers or professionals who need to carry lots of paperwork and files around on a daily basis, there is a new very stylish alternative to the traditional wheeled litigation bag, lawyer case or briefcase.  Up until now most solutions for transporting business essentials, laptops, files and paperwork have been masculine and lacking in style. The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G is big enough to comfortably accommodate paper work, files, a laptop and more. It also doubles as a very stylish weekender bag or oversized handbag. It has an extendable handle and wheels so that it can easily and comfortably be pulled along without causing injury or discomfort to back, neck, shoulders or joints.

The B.A.G is a made from finest Italian leather and looks professional and stylish for court, client meetings, overnight stays or a day on the office. It perfectly compliments a suit or business wear with its elegant details and hardware. It is the ideal solution for the busy women who wants to combine style, professionalism, comfort and practicality.

The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G is available from

Office wear – How to look professional and stylish

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When you go to work, you will probably want to create a good impression. People will judge you partly by how you act but also by how you look. First impressions count and when colleagues or customers first see you, they will make up there mind about you almost straight away. Looking professional and business like at work will not only help you to feel professional and business like but will also change the way other people speak and behave towards you.

Here are a few ideas on how you can look stylish and create a great impression at work:

Dress codes and unwritten rules – before you even start to plan your stylish and business like outfit, you should first consider any dress codes at your place or work and also any unwritten rules. For some offices a dark coloured suit is an absolute essential for others a pair of smart trousers with a shirt or blouse is completely acceptable.

Good fit – the key to looking professional and business like is wearing the right clothes that fit perfectly. This will show that you pay attention to detail and that you won’t settle for second best.

Flattering – by wearing clothes that flatter your figure and colouring, you will look smarter and more professional. Work out what your body shape is and then work out what styles of trousers, skirts jackets and dresses will look best on you.

Practicality – practical clothes that you look and feel comfortable in will make you appear much more confident. Tripping over in heels that you can hardly walk in will do nothing for you confidence at work so no matter how gorgeous the shoes, if you can’t comfortably walk in them, don’t wear the for work. Your handbag says a lot about you. Make sure that it is big enough for everything that you need but also easy to carry without causing yourself discomfort or injury. If you need to visit clients regularly, laptop handbags are a great idea, a really stylish and practical way to carry a laptop.

Add some personality – whilst most places of work have dress codes, you can still add a bit of interest, individuality and personality to your work wear. Brightly coloured accessories are a great way to add some colour to an outfit. You could try carrying a eye catching red leather handbag or wearing a bold printed scarf.

The Tiffany Anisette B.A.G (Business Active Girl) is the perfect addition to any office wear or business outfit. It is big enough to fit in everything that you need for work and business meetings including a laptop. It has plenty of pockets and compartments to organise your possessions including pockets to hold business cards. The B.A.G is made of finest Italian leather and will complement the most stylish business outfits. It also has wheels and an extendable handle to pull it along when it is too heavy to carry, allowing you to arrive at work in comfort with confidence and poise.